What’s In My Fridge & Pantry?

I don’t know about you, but I love looking into others fridge and pantry. I’m always intrigued by what people stock up on. The purpose of this post is to showcase my lovely fridge and pantry because for the month of February I am vowing not to spend any money on grocery items. The goal for this is to learn to be creative and come up with meal ideas with what I currently have on hand. Also, spoiler alert, I am planning a grocery haul in March for only $100 to last me the entire month. Freebies will include the spices I have, however other than that, $100 will go to an entire month worth of food. More information on that in a later post, back to this post.

After I am done showcasing my hull, I am going to make an Excel document and do an inventory of my food. With that, I am hoping to use the document to plan out and brainstorm meal ideas. Looking at all of my pictures, I really need to add more vegetables in my life haha. Well, enough chit chat, onto the pictures!

So as you can see, there are plenty of options available to me for the next month, probably too many. They key is to use my noggin in order to come up with meal ideas. I jotted everything down in a spreadsheet, so hopefully having something to look at quickly will help me come up with meals. If you have any ideas for my food items, let me know! Well, I think that does it here from me! Until next time!

Organize & Strategize

Kitchen Overhaul.

Now don’t be thinking this is Extreme Makeover Kitchen edition, but I will say it is pretty close, just without demolition involved.  I do live in an apartment and I am pretty sure knocking down walls would be frowned upon.  My kitchen looked like a war zone had erupted, an absolute pigsty.  I would try tackling it little by little, but with no end in sight.  Honestly, I have no clue why I let this happen.  My kitchen would be sparkling, then a week later all hell breaks loose with pots, pans, food, utensils, mail, you name it, sprawled on every service available in my kitchen.

Another problem area I have is where my trash can resides.  My apartment complex has a compactor as well as participates in recycling.  Instead of making convenient trips to my recycler and compactor, I let my trash pile up.  Moreso the recycling than the trash.  The trash can I will stuff to the brim, making it immensely heavy when it comes time to begrudgingly take it out.  Why do I do this to myself?  Seriously, why?  I do not have an answer for you.  So, over the past two days, I have taken on the daunting task of decluttering and cleaning up my kitchen.

As you can see, disgusting.  So much clutter and chaos, and yes you do see a normal towel in the picture.  I used it to help press tofu.  There were so many plates and glasses that I collected to declutter because honestly, I live alone.  Why on earth do I need 16 large plates and 8 small plates?  I lost count the number of mugs and glasses I’ve collected.  The amount of crap just in my kitchen alone made me feel like a hoarder.  I don’t know about you, but when all of this chaos ensues I get extremely hostile and claustrophobic.  I feel like I can’t escape and breathe.  I cannot be the only one who feels that way.  So, bring on the purge!

Literally, it took two days of chipping away at my kitchen.  Pulling together all the recyclables and collecting the trash, but I did it.  I feel so liberated.  In the background, I had Erin Henry on repeat.  If you have not watched any of her videos, I highly recommend them for any future girl boss.  I am going to be implementing several points she discussed in various videos, but back to the kitchen.

I am definitely impressed with myself.  To keep it clean is now going to be the challenge.  It is so satisfying for me to look at the before than after, almost therapeutic.  After it all, I ended up throwing out one bag of trash and two full bags of recycling.  On top of cleaning the kitchen, I was able to get 3 loads of laundry done and type up this post that is going to be uploaded for Monday.  I have a few more things I would like to get done tonight, especially before I do my Yoga practice.  I do need to work on my planner and prep some ideas for posts, as well as work out a menu for the week.  What have been some of your accomplishments for the day?  What have been some of your drawbacks?  Let me know in the comment section so hopefully, we can have a conversation!  Until next time.