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GRWM Using Project Pan Items & SUBCULTURE


Hey all, hope everything is going well for you on this Wednesday.  When thinking about what I wanted to post for today, I was stumped for a bit.  Then I thought, I haven’t really done a GRWM type of post in a while, especially using some of my Project Pan items.  So, I thought this would be perfect!  Plus, I am going to be using SUBCULTURE on my eyes and show a look that I wear often and get tons of compliments on.  Also, I will share how I use it to get this palette to work for me.  So, if that seems something you may be interested in, then just keep on reading!

Please Note: This post DOES contain affiliate links.  Thank you. | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE

To start out, I always do my face makeup before my eyes.  That is how I have always done it, I’ve tried switching it up and didn’t like it.  Before putting on anything, my face was already washed and moisturized.  First up, I spray the Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray ($9.99 US).  This product I have not really enjoyed because it looks and feels so greasy, however, I’ve gotten it to work really well as a primer spray.  It helps give a little bit more moisture for the foundation.  Then, I take a small pea-sized amount of the Milani Prime Shield Mattifying Primer ($9.99 US) and press that into the areas where I have really large pores, around my cheek area, nose, forehead, and chin.

For foundation, I mix half a pump of Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Foundation in L42 ($35 US) with about a pump and a half of the FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation in L2 ($13.99 US).  The Lock-It foundation is extremely light on my skin and the FLOWER foundation is a little too dark.  Mixing them together helps give me a better shade match (though, I still manage to look ghostly lol) and helps make the FLOWER foundation not look SO dewy by the end of the day. | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE

Next onto concealing and setting my face.  I take my Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer in Fair ($27 US) and literally do one dot underneath my eyes closer to the tear duct area and one dot on top of my eyelids to use as a primer.  I am VERY lucky to not have terrible darkness under my eyes.  It didn’t really show up on the previous picture.  Plus, this concealer is extremely full coverage and very drying so using very little does help combat the dryness.  To set the concealer, I’ve been taking the Kat Von D Beauty Shade & Light Contour Palette ($49 US) in the lightest shade.  It is a mixture of Lucid & Lyric (I mixed them together and repressed them).  To set the rest of my face, I’m using the Besame Cosmetics Vanilla Brightening Powder ($22 US).  It is pressed into my old Rimmel compact because I have learned I truly hate loose powders haha. | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE




For the rest of the face, I took my No7 Match Made Bronzer in Golden Sand ($12.99 US) and warmed up this ghostly complexion in the “3” method, then took a little bit of Sombre from the Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette ($49 US) and contoured my cheekbones and dusted just a little down the sides of my nose.  For blush, I used the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Collection blush in Amaretto (limited edition) and highlight I dusted Anastasia Beverly Hills Starlight Illuminator (discontinued) on the high points of my cheekbones, brought that up around my eyebrow and lightly on the tip of my nose and cupids bow. | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE

Moving on to the eyes!  First up, I took the shade MERCURY (a matte deep gray) from the Anastasia Beverly Hills SUBCULTURE Palette ($42 US) and dusted that in windshield wiper motions in my crease.  What I do is literally dip a fluffy brush ONCE into the palette and on a towel that I keep by my side to do my makeup, I dab the excess onto the towel once or twice and it is the perfect amount for my eyes.  For me, this doesn’t bother me, because I’m used to dipping my brush into all of my products, not swirling.  So, just thought I would share that just in case you have this palette and have a hard time using it. | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE

Next, I pick up the shade FUDGE (a warm matte poop brown) on a slightly smaller, more dense brush and do the same with this shade.  I tap ONCE into the shade and dab off the excess.  I then take it and work it into my outer V area and slightly bring it into the crease.





Now, on an even smaller brush, I use the Morphe M506 Brush ($6 US), I pick up the shade ROWDY (a matte deep purple), same method as FUDGE, and place that on top of where I laid down FUDGE, bringing it in a little bit further on my lids.  Now, I know it looks weird right now, unblended, looks like it skips, just stick with me on this! | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE




Now on a smaller fluffy brush, I picked up the shade ALL STAR (a matte maroon), did the same thing of tapping in once, dabbing off the excess, and worked that into my crease.

10102018-subcultureallstar-eyes | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE

To blend everything together, I then took a little bit of the shade DAWN (a warm, light beige shade) and swept that over the edges.  See, looks a bit better now don’t you think?



For the lower lash line, I first took a little bit of ROWDY and blended it about 3/4 of the way towards my inner corner, then blended it out with a bit of MERCURY.  Then, I took a bit of my face highlight and put that in my inner corner.  Used a little bit of a nude eyeliner in my waterline and put on a couple of coats of mascara.  The eyeliner I used is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kajal Kohl Eyeliner in 005 Nude ($4.99 US) and the mascara is Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara ($26 US).  I then set my face using the FLOWER Beauty Hydrating Setting Spray ($12.99 US) and 2 squirts of the Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray ($9.99 US).  Yes, I only did two squirts, you do more than that and you look like a grease ball, not a glowing goddess lol.




For my eyebrows, I’m still using my beloved Kat Von D Beauty Signature Brow Precision Pencil in Graphite ($20 US) and setting them with my NYX Control Freak Clear Eyebrow Gel ($7.99 US). | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE




Lastly, the lips!  I took the NYX Professional Makeup Suede Matte Lip Liner in Sandstorm ($ US) and outlined my lips.  Then filled them in with Kat Von D Beauty Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick in Bow N Arrow ($20 US) and dabbed a little bit of the bareMinerals Gen Nude Gloss in Yaaas ($18 US).  And here is the completed look! | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE | GRWM Using Project Pan Items and SUBCULTURE

This has practically been my Go-To look for work every day.  It helps me use so many different shades from the SUBCULTURE palette.  I also get tons of compliments on it, practically every day.  They do say that purple helps bring out green eyes.  Also, don’t mind the crazy hair.  I had a side head shave a while ago and am now dealing with the grow out… it is not enjoyable haha.  I’m also going by to my original hair color, so I am going to be looking wild for quite a bit haha.

Well, that does it here from me.  I hope you found this helpful or interesting, if you did, let me know in the comments!  I’d love to hear from you!  If you have the SUBCULTURE palette, what other color combinations do you enjoy pulling in from it?  Thank you so much for stopping by and until next time!

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13 By Halloween Project Pan – Update #2 | 13 By Halloween Project Pan Update #2

Hey everyone!  So sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been a little preoccupied with other things and every time I think about posting something, I get sidetracked.  But here we are, happy Friday, and today I am bringing my 2nd update for my 13 By Halloween Project Pan.  I’m really excited to share I have additional empties this time around and some great progress on other products.  Last update I had finished up 6 out of the 13 items.  If you want to see what those items were, you can check out my 13 By Halloween Project Pan Update #1.  But, if you are interested to see where I am currently at with this project, then just keep scrolling!

Note: This post DOES contain affiliate links. | 13 By Halloween Project Pan Update #2

1. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer in Fair ($9.99 US)
FINISHED.  I am so happy to say I have finished off this bad boy and currently have all cruelty-free concealers in my collection!  I believe this is the second concealer I have ever finished and I am so thrilled!  I did enjoy the formula of this, very creamy.  It also worked great to cancel out the discoloration on my eyes and be a great eyeshadow primer, but not cruelty-free and my other concealers do just as well as this product. | 13 By Halloween Project Pan Update #2
Wet N Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder – Intro | 13 By Halloween Project Pan Update #2

2. Wet N Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder in Warm Light ($4.99 US)
FINISHED.  I knew, once I finished up the Rimmel powder with as much pan that was showing in this product, that I could easily finish up this powder.  I am personally not a fan of this powder, I felt I had to really dig at the product in order to pick up product on my brush.  I also felt that it did not set my makeup, everything was still tacky.  At work, hair would be sticking to my face more than normal.  So, happy this is out of my collection and I will not be repurchasing. | 13 By Halloween Project Pan Update #2
No7 Match Made Bronzer – Intro | 13 By Halloween Project Pan Update #2
No7 Match Made Bronzer – Update #2

3. No7 Match Made Bronzer in Golden Sand ($12.99 US)
Dear God, the bronzer that won’t end!  I mean, it is a good bronzer, a little warm on my skin, but I can make it work.  But I SWORE I would have pan showing this update.  I mean, I could see the outlines of the rings, but nope.  I even took a pair of tweezers in the center to see how much product was on top of the pan.  Yeah… I don’t think I’m going to be hitting pan anytime soon.  Bronzers man, I tell ya.  Gotta keep on keeping on with this bad boy. | 13 By Halloween Project Pan Update #2

4. PUR Correcting Primer in Illuminate & Glow (discontinued)
DECLUTTERED.  I have tried with this primer, the first little bit, I kept forgetting about it.  However, this past month I have been pretty diligent with it but every time I used it for a couple days in a row, I would break out.  I’d stop using it, my skin would clear up, go back to using it, boom.  Breakouts.  Granted, I’ve mentioned this before that I don’t get terrible breakouts, maybe one or two very small zits, but when I’m used to practically clear skin, just a bit of texture, yeah.  That’s not going to work for me.  I also don’t have sensitive skin, so.  This is going to be decluttered. | 13 By Halloween Project Pan Update #2
Wet N Wild Single Eyeshadow in Brulee – Intro | 13 By Halloween Project Pan Update #2

5. Wet N Wild Single Eyeshadow in Brulee ($0.99 US)
FINISHED.  After I posted my first update, within a few days, this bad boy was done.  I really came to fall in love with this shade again but with so many cream shadows in all the palettes I own, I don’t need to purchase it.  Plus, I’m not the biggest fan of single shadows.  I don’t own a Z Palette and I tend to forget to reach for them.  If you like single shadows and are close to my skin tone, I really feel you would truly enjoy this product if you have not tried it.  Plus, it’s only a buck so yay on affordable products! | 13 By Halloween Project Pan Update #2

6. Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber Fragrance Mist ($14.50 US)
I have been making amazing progress on this product.  I am so proud of myself.  I have had this product for almost 3 years now and putting it in this project has really made me focus on it.  I don’t think I will be able to finish it by the next update but I feel I will be really close.  I’m thinking about doing the 19 in 2019 year long project next year and if I don’t finish this up by the end of this year, I will definitely throw it into that project.


7. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo ($28 US)
Now, as I’ve said before I have a hard time using dry shampoos and on top of that, I have no idea where I am.  I think I’m little more than halfway done with this product but honestly, no idea.  This past month, however, I have made it a habit to use it on Wednesday’s.  I tend to wash my hair Saturday nights, so Wednesday is when I reach for this product to freshen up my hair a bit.  I know I won’t have it done by the end of this project, but hey!  Progress is progress!


So that’s it guys, that is currently where I am at with my 13 By Halloween Project pan.  I am so beyond thrilled that I have been able to stick with this project, work on these items and make a dent in my collection.  Have you been participating in this project as well?  If so, what progress have you made on your items?  Let me know in the comments!  Hopefully, I can get back on track with posting.  I don’t want to promise anything today, but I am definitely going to try.  I hope you guys have a great weekend and I will talk to you guys on Monday!

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Movie Madness Project Pan – Intro | Movie Madness Project Pan - Intro

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend.  Saturday I went to the Pumpkin Patch with one of my besties and her adorable (although wild) little girl.  It was a perfect day for it, overcast, cool breeze, and luckily not too many people there.  They had a hayride to Minion Ville, yes as in actual minion’s lol.  Threw some apples at Bigfoot and wandered aimlessly in an Alice in Wonderland corn maze.  It was loads of fun.  For today, however, I am doing my introduction to the Movie Madness Project Pan.  It is originally a PANtastic Ladies collab, it is a panning group on Facebook, but I learned about it through Jessica on YouTube.  Here intro video I will link here for you.  The project runs from Sept. 28 through Dec. 28 and you can pick anywhere between 4 to 6 products based on any movies you want.  My favorite number being 4, that is what I went with.  So, if you are curious as to what movies I picked and what items I tagged them with, just keep on reading.

Note: This post DOES contain affiliate links. | Movie Madness Project Pan: Hocus Pocus - OPI Black Onyx Nail Polish

1. Hocus PocusOPI Black Onyx Nail Polish ($10.50 US)
If you haven’t learned by now, or if you are new here, Halloween is my favorite Holiday, along with Devil’s Night and Dia de Los Muertos.  I’m also an avid horror fan.  Hocus Pocus is a staple year-round honestly, but especially during the Halloween season.   I chose the Black Onyx nail polish in correlation to when the Sanderson sisters transform Thackery into a black cat.  “Twist the bones and bend the back.  Trim him of his baby fat.  Give him fur black as black, just like this.”  Yes, I quoted this without looking it up.  I can practically quote this movie word for word.  The goal for this is hopefully to use half.  If I stay diligent on painting my nails.  My nail polish chips easily because I am so rough with my hands, usually within 2 to 3 days my polish chips.  So, if I can be diligent on removing old polish and putting new polish on, this shouldn’t be a problem.  This product is also not cruelty-free so I will feel great about moving out another non-cruelty-free item. | Movie Madness Project Pan: Bram Stoker's Dracula - Kat Von D Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Nahz Fur Atoo

2. Bram Stoker’s DraculaKat Von D Beauty Nahz Fur Atoo Liquid Lipstick ($20 US)
Red lips are synonymous with the holiday season and how more perfect to pair this lipstick with this movie?  Honestly, there is not a better match.   When I think of an ideal red lipstick shade for me, this is it.  It is a deeper, blood red, which I feel comfortable wearing.  True reds I don’t think work well for me, but I absolutely adore this shade!  There is no way in hell I will be able to finish this product, but I’m aiming for about 1/4 of the product gone by the end of this. | Movie Madness Project Pan: The Silence of the Lambs - L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream

3. The Silence of the LambsL’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream ($29 US)
Do I really need to give the reason why I chose this product for this movie?  Do I?  I mean… really?  I have the lotion, but I never rub it on my skin.  Hehe.  With winter coming, my hands can sometimes dry out a bit since they are in water so often.  Hopefully having this item in a project will help me be diligent on using this up and moving it out of my collection since it is another product that I have that is not cruelty-free. | Movie Madness Project Pan: Se7en - Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

4. Se7enTarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer ($27 US)
I saved the BEST movie for last.  If you don’t know, Se7en is my all time favorite movie, so of course, since we get to pick any movies we want to correlate products within a project, I chose this movie!  The reason I chose the concealer for this is because I am a Glutton for punishment.  Get it?  Glutton?  Part of the 7 deadly sins?  Okay, I’ll stop.  I didn’t realize how far I’ve actually made it with this product already.  However, there is NO WAY IN HELL I will finish up this concealer.  I’m just aiming for progress, however far I get.


So that’s it.  That does it for my 4 products for the Movie Madness Project Pan.  Are you doing this project also?  If so, what products and movies did you pick out?  If you are not doing, think about joining in!  I’ve been having so much fun panning products, working through my collection and with this one being so themed and matching up items, it was even more fun!  For this project, I plan on updating once a month, just like my other products.  Well, this post was the shortest I’ve done in a while!  Thank you so much for stopping by and until next time!

PS.  13 By Halloween Update #2 is coming Wednesday I believe, so get ready for that!

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12 Pans of Christmas: Intro | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro

Hey everyone!  Sorry, it has been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything but I’m back today with my Intro for the 12 Pans of Christmas.  I can’t believe it is 3 months away already.  I know, I know, I’ve said this multiple times by now, but damn this year has been flying by.  I only have one month left on my 13 by Halloween project pan, which that update will be coming this Friday.  I’ve really been enjoying panning projects.  It’s really opened my eyes to my collection, what I like and what I don’t.  Quick side note, I’m listening to Alessia Cara’s version of How Far I’ll Go from the Moana soundtrack on repeat.  I’m really not a Disney princess fan.  However, this movie is amazing and the soundtrack even better.  Anyone else seen this movie and love it?  Anywho, let’s get into what products I’ve decided to pull for this project!

Note: This post DOES contain affiliate links. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray

First up, we’ve got the Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray ($9.99 US).  I’ve talked briefly about this product in the past and I mentioned that I didn’t hate it, but it is not great.  Well, I’ve been using it to get the hang of it again and I’ve changed my mind.  I hate it.  The sprayer gets clogged and sprays almost vertically completely missing my face.  It also causes droplets which are not cute.  So, I’ve been using it as a primer spray because it does look oily on the skin if you spray too much, but with the vertical spraying, which I know sounds weird and I can’t really describe what I mean, my face seems to get greasier.  So, I’ve tried it, like I’ve said, as a priming spray and then I use my beauty sponge and press it into my skin and it’s been working.  So, that is how I’m hopefully going to use up this spray and move it out of my collection. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Foundation

Product #2 is the FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Foundation ($13.99 US).  I’m going to have a full review of this product hopefully coming this Wednesday.  I currently cannot see through the bottle so I have no idea where I am at with this foundation.  With it currently fall and heading into winter, being drier, I hopefully won’t grease up as quickly so I can get this to work.  Also, it is way too dark for me.  That was totally my fault.  I grabbed the wrong shade.  I grabbed L2 instead of L1.  I will be mixing it with another foundation to help lighten it.  My goal is to use up at least half since I am mixing it.  I think I can achieve that because I wear makeup about 6 days a week. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Foundation

The Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Foundation ($35 US) is the next product on this list.  I am not a fan of this foundation.  It is way too heavy for my liking and way too light (my fault on that part).  So, I want to use it to mix with the FLOWER Beauty to help with transferring, lightening that foundation, and help mattify it.  I love quite a few Kat products, this is definitely not one of them.  The goal is to hopefully use about 1/4 of what product I have left.  I can only use about 1/2 a pump of this foundation mixed because 1 full pump mixed with the FLOWER foundation still looks extremely heavy and cakey.   Beautiful far away, up close looks gross. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Besame Cosmetics Vanilla Brightening Powder

Next up is the Besame Cosmetics Brightening Vanilla Powder ($22 US).  This was a product recommendation from Emily Noel.  Now, I really love the powder, however, it is not translucent on me.  It gives a yellow cast even just lightly dusting it on my face.  I had a little bit left of my Maybelline Fit Me Loose Setting Powder in Fair ($7.99 US) which is way too light for me, so what I did was mix the two together and pressed it into my Rimmel Compact that I kept after finishing it for situations such as this.  I hate loose powders, so pressing it will help me use it.  The goal is to completely finish it which I don’t have any doubt that I’ll be able to achieve that goal. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Kat Von D Beauty Shade & Light Contour Palette

Here is my beloved Kat Von D Beauty Shade & Light Contour Palette ($49 US).  I do love this product.  However, it is getting really old and I need to start really focusing on using it up.  I have already hit pan in the shade Lucid, then repressed it, then re-hit major pan.  My goal right now is focusing on the shades Lucid, Sombre, and Lyric.  The goal for Lucid & Lyric is to use them up.  For Sombre it is just to hit pan.  Quick note, I just took this picture this morning, before I did my makeup.  When I did my makeup, I hit major pan in Lyric.  I think it is totally possible to use up the two light shades and hit major pan in Sombre (there is a large dip in it). | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

Moving onto eyes, I want to hit pan in the shades Dawn and Mercury in my Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette ($42 US).  I am really bummed they are discontinuing this product because against popular opinion, I enjoy this formula and this color scheme.  I can get it to work for me.  But, since it is getting discontinued, I want to show it some love and hit pan in two of the shades. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Michael Kors Sexy Amber Perfume

I decided to pull in a nonmakeup item.  This is my Michael Kors Sexy Amber 3.4 fl oz Perfume ($108 US).  I use to LOVE this fragrance, but not so much anymore.  Last year I attempted this exact panning project but never followed through with it.  Considering I have been doing the 13 By Halloween Project Pan and actually sticking with it, I wanted to do this project again and pull in this exact product, again.  Although on my own I have made significant progress on it.  I’m at about the halfway mark.  If I can use up about 1/2 of what is left, I will consider that a success!

Now, I’m moving onto products that need to be charted on paper.  Above is the paper I am using to keep track of and progress the products.  The starting line is the main red line on the bottom.  I’m a bit anal about lines being straight, so for me, this is a great guide. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Kat Von D Beauty Signature Brow Precision Pencil

The Kat Von D Beauty Signature Brow Precision pencil in Graphite ($20 US) is slowly becoming my holy grail brow product.  I have (clearly) been loving this product.  Now, I know this seems like a gimmie product, but sometimes you just gotta throw those kinds of products in projects to help keep you motivated.  The goal is to completely finish this up. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - ELF Brow Pencil

Another brow product is the ELF Brow Pencil in Natural Brown ($2 US).  The goal for this one is to use up about half.  Now, you may be thinking that I should be able to finish this product.  Usually, I would agree.  However, this product actually has 3 times the amount of product of any other brow pencil I have ever used.  So, with it being a little wider, I’m not sure if I can actually use this one up or not.  We shall see though, won’t we? | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Eyeliner

Oh look, the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kajal Eyeliner in 005 Nude ($ US).  This was also another product I have had in this exact project last year… that is sad.  So, clearly, I need to use this.  Not only because it is not cruelty-free but because it is immensely old for an eyeliner.  The goal for this one is to hopefully use up about a 1/4 of the product.  Eyeliners take me forever, so whatever progress I can make will be a plus! | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Ammunition

Here we have the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Ammunition in Celebrity Skin ($20 US).  I really like the color on me but the formula is okay.  I also feel I have been flying through this lipstick.  The Melt one that I have listed below I have had for a couple of years now and have used it a ton, definitely more than the Jeffree one and have more product left than the Jeffree one.  So, I have no idea what is up with that.  They both have the same amount of product.  I’m guessing it has to do with the formulation.  Anyway, the goal for this one is to use it up.  I have NEVER used up a lipstick.  I hope this will be the first one. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Melt Cosmetics Matte Lipstick

Lastly, Melt Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Laced ($19 US).  This is actually one of my favorite lipsticks although it doesn’t really show it.  I have had this product for over 2 years now and I definitely need to get some more use out of it.  I don’t feel like I will be able to finish this one in this project, but if I could use about half, I will be happy!

So that’s it.  That’s all the products I have pulled for the 12 Pans of Christmas.  Paula, who is A Beauty Guru Made Me Do It on Instagram & YouTube, posted her intro (which I will link here) and I definitely wanted to be a part of it again this year.  I’m determined to stick with this project!  Any of you guys participating in this panning project this year?  If you are, leave your blog post, Instagram, or YouTube so I can check out yours!  If you want to join along but don’t have a platform, let me know the products you’re picking in the comments and hopefully, you can update in the comments alongside my updates!  I think that would be so much fun!  Alright, well, I’ve blabbered on long enough!  Thank you so much for stopping by and until next time!

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13 By Halloween Project Pan – Update: 1 | 13 By Halloween Update #1

Hey guys!  Hope all is well!  I cannot believe we are already at the first update for this project pan, it is just insane to me.  But man, do I have some crazy progress to show you guys!  I think it is both amazing and just crazy the amount of progress you can make on your products if you just focus on them.  I will say if you haven’t checked my intro post to this project, I will leave it here for you.  Without further ado, Leah shut the hell up and move on to the progress!  Haha. | Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Liquid Makeup

1. First up, we’ve got the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Makeup in 1.5 ($40 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  I completely finished off this bad boy.  This is holy grail status for me on foundation.  It looks good in hot, humid weather and cold weather.  It does not break apart on my skin, look cakey or get funky.  It is a solid foundation for my skin through and through.  Once I use up my other foundations, I will definitely be repurchasing this product. | Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser Treatment Concealer

2. Product number 2 is the concealer that won’t die.  I mean, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser Treatment Concealer in Fair ($ US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  This is a very good concealer, you need very little product, and it doesn’t look heavy under the eyes.  However, as I said in the intro, Maybelline is not cruelty-free and I do have better concealers.  I have made good progress on this product.  I don’t think I’ll be finished by the next update, but hopefully, by the finale, I will. | Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

3. Up next, we have the Rimmel Stay Matte Long-Lasting Powder ($5.29 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  Another non-cruelty-free item, but another completed item!  I did have to repress this product about 2 weeks into the project, then it went like crazy.  One of the perks of repressing products. | Wet N Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder in Warm Light

4. The Wet N Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder in Warm Light ($4.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link) doesn’t have too much progress to showcase, but that’s because I was focusing on the Rimmel powder and once that was used up, I moved on to this.  I’m pretty confident I will have this done by the finale. | Milani Make It Last Setting Spray

5. Number 5 is the Milani Make It Last Setting Spray ($9.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  I don’t know how well you can tell from the picture, but it is completely empty.  I really love this setting spray, I just hate that when you get to the very end it kind of splatters, honestly to be expected, so I usually spray it on my beauty sponge then dab it in.


6. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Ebony ($21 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link) was number 6, was being the keyword.  Finished this bad boy off.  I love this brow pencil.  This was the first brow pencil I ever tried (obviously not this specific one) and still a love of mine.  I don’t have a picture of it because you can’t really tell that it is finished, you just see the top, but it is all done! | Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette in 010 Ashy Radiance

7. The Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette in 010 Ashy Radiance ($7.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link) is also next on my completed list.  Now, in the intro, I mentioned I wanted to hit pan on the highlighting shade before I called it quits with this product, but I really don’t enjoy using it and that is saying something.  It is a bit too chalky for me and looks weird, so I’m just calling this one done. | No7 Match Made Bronzer in Golden Sand

8. No7 Match Made Bronzer in Golden Sand ($12.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link) is just like the Maybelline concealer.  It just won’t die.  Hell, I have yet to even hit pan.  Granted I did expect this one to be a challenge.  Watching so many panning videos and seeing different Instagram posts, bronzers seem like one of the hardest products, besides blush, to hit pan and get through.  However, the outside pattern is definitely worn down more and you can see the outline of the pans more clearly.  I hope by next update to have some pan showing, but you just never know. | PUR Correcting Primer in Illuminate & Glow

9. I don’t have much to show with the PUR Correcting Primer in Illuminate & Glow (discontinued) mostly because I didn’t realize I could see through the bottle once I lifted it to a bright light.  So, there is a line there now to hopefully measure progress.  The other thing is I haven’t been reaching for it.  It has been incredibly hot here in Seattle, so I’ve been really needing a mattifying primer.  Hopefully, with fall around the corner and it cooling off a little bit here, I can get some more use out of it. | Wet N Wild Single Shadow in Brulee

10. I am so close to finishing this Wet N Wild Single Eyeshadow in Brulee ($0.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link) I can just taste it!  I did have to repress this because most of the product was at the sides and difficult for my brush to reach to.  So I did repress it recently and I’ve already re-hit pan.  I’m pretty sure by the next update, it will be completely gone. | Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber Fragrance Mist

11. The first non-makeup item in this project is the Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber Fragrance Mist ($14 US Regular Link) and I have made some killer progress on this bad boy.  In the past, it has been difficult for me to use up fragrances and body mists because I never think to reach for them and use them.  With this being in a project, I’ve actually been reaching for it and look at the progress!


12. I decided to also throw in an actual perfume, this one the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Amethyst Rollerball ($28 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  And believe it or not, it is all gone!  Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this!  I ended up really enjoying this scent in the end, but I still would not repurchase it.  It stays powdery on my skin for about an hour and them melts into my skin, smelling slightly sweet but musky.  Quite lovely, but I cannot get over the hour of powderiness.  I would have posted a pic, but you can’t see through the bottle well enough on camera.


13. Last but not least we have the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo ($28 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  As I said in the intro, I only bought this because I love Nirvana Black, however, I do NOT reach for dry shampoo, EVER.  I was my hair once a week and I can deal with dirty hair for that long because I keep my hair in a ponytail almost 24/7.  Sometimes I switch it up and put it in a bun.  I hardly ever have my hair down, like seriously ever.  I can’t really measure progress with this one visually, hence no picture this time around.  I think I’m about halfway done with it, but I am confident it will be done by the finale.

Completed: 6/13 products


So that does it!  That completes my first update for my 13 by Halloween Project Pan.  I’m really enjoying doing this project and working through some products.  I’m really excited about this upcoming empties.  I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but I have a decent amount of makeup products!  Anyway, if you are also doing the 13 by Halloween project pan or any other type of project pan, let me know about your progress!  If you have a blog post, Instagram post, or video, leave the link the comments!  I’d love to check it out!  Are there any products you’ve used up this month that coincides with a panning project?  Let me know!  I think that does it for me today, thank you so much for stopping by and until next time!

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Makeup Detox: August – December 2018


A few posts ago, I briefly mentioned about going on a No-Buy.  Honestly, this year has been one of my best years on makeup purchases.  Last year I was a VIB Rouge member, this year I’m just a VIB member, next year I might just be a Beauty Insider.  That is huge.  The more involved I’ve gotten with the beauty community, the more I have taken a step back and realized I have been purchasing way too much makeup.  With more releases happening, all I can see is how repetitive the products have become.  From different brands releasing liquid lipsticks, to warm eyeshadow palettes, to warm eyeshadow palettes with a pop of blue or teal.  It is honestly the same shit, different packaging.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have purchased the same shit in a different package.  For example, I have the same color of lipstick in at least five different brands, they are just slightly different from each other.  I’m just becoming a tad bit more cognizant of it.  For fuck’s sake, I own a total of ten foundations.  Why do I need ten foundations?  Two of which were just recently purchased!  Granted, there is only so much you can do with makeup and makeup releases.  Everything is going to overlap at one point or another.  Think about it, you can do warm-toned, cool-toned, and neutrals.  You can switch it up with different finishes, pops of colors, but ultimately they are all going to overlap.

Where I am going with this, is that I know I have plenty in my collection to suffice from new releases.  I have different finishes in foundations, different setting sprays to help differentiate finishes and lasting capabilities as well, light to dark lipsticks including nudes, reds, and darks, even blacks.  I have matte lipsticks, cremes, satins, and glosses.  I have plenty of mascara to last me a year, several eyeshadow palettes to get me through the seasons, several bronzers, and enough highlighters to last me to my grave.  I have plenty of makeup for me.  I need to utilize my collection, save my money, and appreciate what I have.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my makeup detox of 2018.  I decided to call it a Makeup Detox because Amber F from YouTube was talking in her Pan That Palette Update about going on a no-buy and possibly calling it a Makeup Detox.  I love the idea of it being a makeup detox.  Not only is the market oversaturated with products, but I feel as if myself included is oversaturated with products.  There are men and women out there who do not have the means or opportunity to have makeup and here I am collecting products that I’m not even using.  Plus, I am moving in April cross country and I don’t need to be taking this plethora of makeup.  It is unnecessary.

With the number of products I have in my back stock (my makeup inventory posts will be coming in a few weeks), there should be no need for any makeup purchases.  Makeup remover wipes, micellar waters, all of those are fine for purchasing, I am just talking about makeup.  Primers, mascaras, foundations, etc. are what I am talking about.  I want to see what I can use up in the five months left in the year and maybe, just maybe, I can roll some of this into the new year as well.  Wish me luck!  I will also try and utilize my collection and dupe upcoming releases.  If there is a new palette that is launching, seeing what shades are similar in my collection and recreate the palette.  I will definitely share those with you all!  Have you ever done a no-buy or low-buy?  How did it go for you?  If you haven’t, have you ever thought about doing one?  Let me know in the comments!  I’d love to hear from you!  Well, I think that does it here from me!  Thank you so much for stopping by and until next time!

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13 By Halloween Project Pan – Intro

I LOVE makeup and I am pretty sure that is obvious on this blog.  However, with my upcoming move, granted in April, I need to clear out a few items.  I only have a small, four-door car to carry my girls and I cross country.  That being said, there is limited space.  I need to clear out as many items as possible before then.  What better way then to do some panning projects, especially if they incorporate my favorite holiday?

Obviously, I did not come up with this concept.  I’m not sure how long this project has been going on for, years at least, but I recently saw a few panners on YouTube that I follow put up their intro videos.  And I thought, perfect!  So I’m hoping on this train and getting involved.  I will list their information at the bottom, just in case you are interested.

I came up with another project pan idea, that I’ll post later, but for right now I am going to post the 13 items that I would either like to use up or hit pan on.  I know some of the girls picked their products based off of Halloween, but I picked mine based off of a different idea.

First, I am trying to move towards a completely cruelty-free collection.  Second, there are items in my collection that I KNOW will not work in Texas.  Texas is hella hot and hella humid.  Makeup literally used to melt off my face.  So, clearly, my super dewy products are NOT going to work.  Lastly, I have tons of duplicate products.  I’m tired of my collection growing and having the same types and tones of products.  For what purpose?  FOMO, pretty packaging, being one shade darker or lighter?  It’s ridiculous.  So without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup* ($40 US)
I absolutely adore this foundation.  So, you might be wondering, why do I want to use it up?  Well, it is my oldest foundation and I don’t have too much product left.  I don’t want to bring along a 1/3 full bottle of foundation.  I will definitely repurchase this foundation when I use up all of my other ones and after I get situated back down in Texas.


2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Treatment Concealer* ($9.99 US)
This is a nice concealer, but not cruelty-free.  I think I have only finished up one concealer in my lifetime.  It would be nice to add another one to that list.  This is a super creamy formula, doesn’t crease too bad under my eyes, but if it was cruelty-free, I would not repurchase it.  I truly don’t feel it will work well under the heat and humidity of Texas.


3. Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder* ($3.99 US)
I do enjoy this powder for setting my under-eyes and face, but I don’t feel like it actually keeps me matte.  It has definitely been a great touch up powder because it doesn’t get heavy or cakey on my face.  But alas, Rimmel is not a cruelty-free brand.


4. Wet N Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder* ($4.99 US)
This is an okay powder, not horrible, not great.  I have hit some major pan on this product and after I finish up the Rimmel powder, I would really like to finish up this one as well.  I don’t think finishing up two powders in 3 months will be too hard.  Although, I say that now, we will find out later won’t we?  Wet N Wild is a cruelty-free brand but I don’t feel strongly enough about this powder in order to repurchase it.


5. Milani Make It Last Setting Spray* ($9.99 US)
I have a total of 3 setting sprays and no one needs that many.  Granted, I know there are tons of people that have more than I do, but I do not need that many.  I do enjoy this setting spray and I would absolutely repurchase it, once I use up this one and the other two.  I need to stop having such a large backstock, it is unnecessary.  I just need to have on hand what I need and stop wasting money.


6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz* ($21 US)
Oh, I love, love, love this product.  This is my most repurchased product.  I have gone through at least 8 of these since really getting into makeup.  Ebony is a little too warm for my skin tone at the moment.  So I just want to use this up and when I use up my other products, repurchase it in Granite.  I don’t know why I posted a picture of the starting point because unfortunately I broke my pencil and had to shove it back in.  So I might not be able to do updates on paper, but we shall see.


7. Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette* ($7.99 US)
This is another loved product of mine.  It was such a great recommendation from Taylor of ThaTaylaa.  As you can see from below, I have hit some major pan on the contour shade.  My goal for this is to use up the contour shade and to just hit pan on the highlight shade.  I chose this product because of how much pan I have already hit.  Once I use up other contour products, this is going to be a definite repurchase.


8. No7 Match Made Bronzer* ($12.99 US)
This is a matte bronzer that I actually won in a giveaway.  It is a nice bronzer but I feel it pulls a little too orange on my skin tone.  I want to look like a bronzed badass, not an Oompaloompa.  The formula isn’t bad at all, little powdery, which I really don’t mine.  But I would not personally purchase this item.  Also, the cruelty-free status on this brand is unclear.  Now, I definitely don’t think I can finish this product in 3 months, but I would at least like to hit pan on it.


9. Pur Correcting Primer in Illuminate & Glow (discontinued)
I have no idea how I feel about this primer.  I have used it a handful of times but don’t remember a thing about it.  This is also the oldest primer in my collection.  I have no idea if I can finish up this primer in 3 months, but I am definitely going to give it a go.


10. Wet N Wild Brulee Single Eyeshadow ($0.99 US)
This is such a wonderful single eyeshadow, however, my problem is that I never reach for singles, I always reach for palettes.  This is such a creamy creme shade that works wonderfully on my skin tone, but in several of my palettes, I have this shade.  Even if I didn’t, I would just use my face powder to set my eyeshadow base and use as an all over lid shade.  So I would like to use this up and get it out of my collection.


11. Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber Fine Fragrance Mist* ($14 US)
I currently have three bottles of this in my stash.  3.  Seriously, who needs that many fragrance mists?  That is not including my perfumes.  And I’m not using them.  They are just sitting.  I have the Thousand Wishes fragrance mist from Bath & Body Works as well that I am almost finished with so I have definitely been getting into the habit of using them.  I do love this scent, hell, I have 5 of the body washes (ridiculous right) in my back stock as well.  Unfortunately, as much as I would like to repurchase when I do run out, Bath & Body Works changed their policy and now sell in mainland China, which requires animal testing.


12. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Amethyst Rollerball* ($28 US)
Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and Bourbon are two of my favorite scents ever.  I picked up this Amethyst Rollerball on a whim and although it is a nice fragrance, it turns too powdery on my skin.  So I just would like to use it up.


13. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo* ($28 US)
This scent is so alluring and sexy.  I would love to just bathe in it.  This dry shampoo works really well, but it does take a bit of time to work it through and get rid of the powdery residue.  If you have light brown to blonde hair you would love this.  Unfortunately, I have dark hair and it shows up.  I can totally get over that and use it, however, I want to use it up because I don’t use dry shampoos.  I have never gotten into the habit of using them, nor do I want to.  My hair is used to being washed once a week and by the end of the week, it is not super oily.  So I really don’t have any use for dry shampoos.


Well, that does it for my 13 products for this project.  My first update I plan for is around the end of August.  I’ll do 2 updates and then the finale.  I have attempted one project pan challenge in the past but failed miserably, with this one I hope to have greater success.  Especially since I do have something motivating me to work through my products.  So wish me luck and until next time!

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