12 Pans of Christmas Project Pan – Update #1

Hey guys and welcome back!  Today I am bringing you my first update for the 12 Pans of Christmas Project Pan.  I’m a little late on updating but better late than never right?  This project is going from Sept. 24th to Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th.  All you had to do for this project was pick 12 items.  There are similar projects going on that are a little more themed, such as picking 12 Christmas movies to go with the 12 items, or 12 Christmas songs, but I chose this one because I didn’t have to line it up with anything.  Anywho, enough with the blabber, let’s get onto the products!

Please Note: This post DOES contain affiliate links.  Thank you.


First up is the Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray ($9.99 US) and I am happy to say it is completed!  I was using this as a primer spray because using it on top of makeup, if I wasn’t careful would make me look straight up greasy not dewy and it made my face feel tacky which is no good if you are a dog groomer.  So I am happy this product is done and out of my collection, I will NOT repurchase and would not recommend.


The second item is the FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Luminous Makeup in shade L2 ($13.99 US).  After the intro, I looked into the bottle from the top and made a guestimate line of where I was at and did the same thing for today’s update.  So I could be higher, could be lower, this is just what I’m going with and I’ve been making quite a bit of progress, if I do say so myself!  I know it won’t be finished by the end of this project but progress is definitely progress!


Next up we have the Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Foundation in L42 ($35 US).  This foundation is WAY too light for me, which trust me, blew my mind.  I was originally using this foundation to help lighten the FLOWER Beauty one and to help with the dew of the FLOWER foundation.  Unfortunately, I did not think this one through, because it is making my skin too dry and cakey looking since we’ve officially moved into Autumn/Winter here in Seattle.  I did make a little, very little progress on this foundation.  So, what I am going to do is pull this product from the project and sub in my C.Y.O. Long-Lasting Foundation Lifeproof in 101 ($7 US).  These two mixed together are incredible and since I have a backup of this foundation, I’d like to work through this one.  So below is where I am starting at with this foundation.


For the fourth product in this project, I pulled in my Besame Cosmetics Vanilla Brightening Powder ($22 US).  Now, I did press it and mix a little of my Maybelline powder in with this so it is not in the original packaging because I have come to realize I really hate loose powders.  However, as you can see from the intro and this update, I have made some great progress!  I had to repress it halfway through and have good pan the second time around.  I have no doubt that by the next update, this will be completely gone leaving me with only one face powder left in my collection!


Moving onto my Kat Von D Beauty Shade & Light Contour Palette ($48 US), I have made some amazing progress!  My original goal was to finish both Lucid and Lyric, the two light undereye setting powders, and to hit pan in Sombre, the lightest contour shade.  Well, Lyric is completely used up and I have hit good pan in Sombre.  I am extremely confident by next update Lucid will be completely gone and I hope to have more pan showing in Sombre.  If I manage to finish up Sombre, I will be BEYOND excited!  We shall see right?


For eyeshadows, I pulled in my Anastasia Beverly Hills SUBCULTURE Palette ($42 US) and the goal was to hit pan in both Dawn & Mercury.  Ladies and gentlemen goal was successful!  I know these shades are apart of this project but I really do love these shades.  I’m such a sucker for a good lid/transition shade such as dawn and I love grey shadows.  I’m going to put this palette away for now because I have pulled out my Kat Von D Beauty Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette ($49 US).  It is the original packaging and it is getting old so I’m trying to get more use out of it.


Before I move into the products that are documented on paper, let’s talk about the one nonmakeup item in this project which is my Michael Kors Sexual Amber Fragrance in the 3.4 fl oz size ($102 US).  I think I mentioned this in the intro, but I will say it again to be sure.  I originally tried doing this project last year but didn’t stick with it.  In that project was this perfume.  I literally had maybe an inch between the top of the bottle to where the fragrance was by the end of last year.  This year, I’ve been doing my best to use it here and there, finally getting down to the first line in the intro.  I will say I have made some killer progress in one months of use with this perfume and have really fallen back in love with this scent.  I don’t like how it smells initially on my skin, but once it blends in with my body, dear god it smells incredible!  My boyfriend is also particularly fond of this fragrance on me as well.  I don’t know if I will be able to finish this fragrance off by the end of this project, but I damn well will try!


Moving on to the products that I needed to document on paper, we will start with the first product which is my Kat Von D Beauty Signature Brow Pencil in Graphite ($20 US).  As I originally predicted, I was able to finish off this bad boy, no problem!  I really do love this product!  The shape actually works so well and easily in order to create those hair like, microbladed brow look.  It took a minute to get use to it, but once I did I had no trouble with it!  Luckily I have 3 back ups of this product, but I also have several brow products in my collection I neef to work through.  However, you will see this product again!


Next is the ELF Brow Pencil in Natural Brown ($2 US).  If you have naturally thicker brows, I HIGHLY recommend this product!  It has almost 3 times the amount of any other brow pencil I have used, has a great balance between pigment and wax, and is super easy to use.  The down fall is that the pencil itself is on the wider side, hence why I recommend to only use it if you have naturally thicker brows.  I have thinner brows and I can make this work, however, it takes me much longer to do my brows than if I were to use a brow pencil with a finer point.  Do you know what I mean?  But again, great thing is you get a ton of bang for your buck and even though I have been using it every time I do my brows, there is very little progress to show.


Moving on to the eyeliner I threw in this project, the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in 005 Nude has barely moved and I use this in my waterline every single time I do my makeup.  Seriuosly, I do not skip this step.  Yet there is little movement.  I might start using this under my brows to clean them up a little and see if I can make more progress that way.

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