Goals & Motivation

When I Grow Up.

There are times that I stop and think about my childhood dreams and aspirations.  Have you ever done that?  Reflect on all the things you said you were going to be and do when you grew up?  How many of you guys actually accomplished those goals or dreams?  I haven’t accomplished any of them.  Now, before you think this is going to be a downer type of post, it isn’t.  It’s a reflection on my fearlessness as a child and having the mentality that I could achieve anything, do anything, be anything.  Where did I, or we for that matter, lose that sense of purpose or even wonder of the world?  So, for today’s post, I thought it would be fun to go back down memory lane and discuss some of the things I wanted to achieve or do as a child.  Who I thought I was going to be when I became an “adult” then add a little twist to it.  Keep reading to understand what I mean.

First I will talk about things I wanted to be able to do.  I was a child who grew up in the 90’s and loved everything the 90’s had to offer.  I was (and still am) a tomboy.  Some people don’t like that word, I love it and fully embrace it.  Some of my favorite movies and shows involved some form of martial arts.  Hell, I even was enrolled in Karate for a bit.  I was all about the Power Rangers, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the 3 Ninjas.  See the trend?  The Red Ranger, Raphael, and Colt were the three I aspired to.  There also cues my obsession with the color red.  I remember playing pretend, doing wild moves that were definitely NOT martial arts, pretending to kick ass and take names.  Although I will say I definitely know how to kick some ass and take some names now, it is definitely not by means of being martial arts master.


Here is where the twist comes.  My goal is to sign up for martial arts classes, once I start getting closer to my overall health goal.  I am using it as a reward.  I don’t remember which post I mentioned this in, but I was having a hard time figuring out some rewards for achieving some of my goals.  I definitely don’t want them to be involved around food, but things that I have wanted to do, but felt it was more difficult being the size that I currently am.


Next is a dream I had.  I wanted to be a fighter pilot in the military.  I would watch old World War II movies with my dad, watching insane maneuvers by pilots and being incredibly fascinated.  When the Blue Angels had a performance, I remember reading all about it.  Unfortunately, I was told I could never be a fighter pilot because I was a female.  That completely devastated me as a child and stuck with me as an adult.  However, fuck that!  So what do you think the goal is?  Becoming a pilot!  This one will take me a bit, you need over 1000 pilot hours, simulation training, Lord have mercy there is a lot to do for this one, but time will pass regardless, right?  A little progress each day leads to big results.


The last one is probably the biggest one.  Since I was about 5 or 6, I fell in love with sharks.  Especially Great Whites.  I wanted to swim with them and save them.  This one has stuck with me the strongest and longest.  I have so many different books on sharks and can pull up random information about them at the drop of a hat.  Throughout my years of school, I remember doing various projects on sharks.  There were times we would have assignments where you discussed what you wanted to be when you grew up.  Mine was a Marine Biologist who specialized in Sharks, aka an Ichthyologist with a specialization in Sharks.  I have seen every episode of Shark Week, I even own it on DVD, and I have a giant Great White Shark tattooed on my calf.  I fucking LOVE sharks.  Sharks have always been a huge part of my life.  That is why I want to become a certified Scuba Diver, which is the first step of the overall goal to swim with sharks.  I want to travel to Australia in order to swim with the Whites off the coast.

These may seem crazy or weird even to some of you, but I’m sure everyone had crazy dreams when they were young.  We are not all destined to the same life path.  What were some of your childhood dreams or aspirations?  What did you want to do when you grew up?  At times I feel we are conditioned to just go through the motions of life, forgetting childhood dreams and just be content with where we are all at now.  As the saying goes, we were not put on this earth to pay bills and die.  And we sure as shit ain’t dead yet.  So why not reminisce for a bit and get some motivation to move forward?  I thought this might be fun and a little insightful, and definitely something different.  I hope this helped in some way.  Well, that does it for me.  Thanks for stopping by and until next time!

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