Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen: Maple Breakfast Sausage Links

Last week I talked about finding my vegan breakfast, finally.  Scrambled tofu with guac and sausage links.  Before finding this recipe, I was eating the Morning Star Farms breakfast sausage links.  Don’t get me wrong, absolutely delicious, but unfortunately, they contain eggs and milk AND cost around $4 for about 10 links.  Um, no.   So, off to hunt down an easy vegan breakfast sausage link recipe that is also easy on my wallet.

Now, I didn’t find this recipe through Sarah’s blog.  I found it through her YouTube channel.  I haven’t been subscribed to her long, maybe about 6 months or so, but all of her recipes, her “What I Eat in a Day” videos looked so good.  I mean, consistently good.  Back in February, she posted a High-Protein Vegan Meal Prep, What I Eat in a Day video and in that video she had her Vegan Maple Breakfast Sausage Links.  Well, if that wasn’t perfect timing, I don’t know what was.   Clicking the link in her description box, I was led to the recipe, which I will link here for you.

Here’s the thing.  I only needed to purchase one thing from the list of ingredients.  One.  That was the chickpea flour, which I easily located at my local Fred Meyer.  Everything else I had on hand.  Fucking SCORE.  All I needed, in total, for this recipe was TVP (textured vegetable protein), chickpea flour, vegetable broth, vital wheat gluten, onion powder, garlic powder, liquid aminos (I substituted soy sauce), maple syrup, paprika, sage, fennel seeds, and some liquid smoke.

All the dry ingredients, excluding the TVP, went in one bowl, then in another bowl, you rehydrate the TVP then add the rest of the wet ingredients to the TVP.  Once rehydrated you mix to combine.  Then you knead it!

After the kneading, I made little balls about 1 oz a piece (trying to keep track of my calories here) making about 18 links, then wrapped them individually in foil.


Sarah’s recipe calls for steaming, unfortunately, I do not have a steamer.  So I made due with baking them for about the same amount of time.  They come out a little dryer, but to help alleviate that problem I microwave them on a plate with a splash of water.

I have made 3 batches of this recipe and I have not been disappointed once!  The texture is amazing, especially after I thought of doing the trick with the splash of water in the microwave.  The flavor is incredible, smokey, savory, and sweet.  They are such a wonderful addition to my morning breakfast.  I have literally been eating them every single morning, and have yet to get sick of them.  I will forewarn you, they are a little time consuming to make.  Moreso tedious than anything, separating links, wrapping them in foil, then unwrapping.  However, absolutely worth it!

Of course, I intend to try other breakfast sausage link recipes in the future, but with how good this recipe is, I don’t truly feel I need to.  If you haven’t made these yet, clearly I highly recommend them.  If you need the recipe again, I will have it linked here.  What are some of your favorite breakfast recipes?  Do you have any that you’d recommend for me to try?  Leave them in the comment section!  Well, I think that does it for me.  Thank you for stopping by and until next time!

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