My 2018 Eyeshadow Palette Collection

Looking at my makeup collection, I feel I have quite a bit of makeup.  Now, looking at beauty gurus, or people trying to make a name for themselves in the beauty community, my collection is relatively small.  However, for someone like me, who pretty much wears the same look every time, the amount of palettes I have is ridiculous in my opinion.  Why?  I pretty much only reach for the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette.  It’s matte, there is red, black, and grey, don’t need much else.  Unfortunately, there are times I get sucked up into hype or pretty packaging.  Well, without further ado, let’s get into it.

In total, I have 8 eyeshadow palettes.  Now, let me make that clear.  8 Eyeshadow palettes.  That is not including face palettes, which I also have a few of.  Do we see the pretty packaging?  The sleekness, the shine, so pretty to look at.  And honestly, that is all I have done with most.  I have maybe used most of these palettes a handful of times.  The one I keep using over and over, the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette ($48 US).  So why I have all of these other ones, I have not the slightest clue.  I will say, I’m thinking of starting in May a one month, one palette challenge with myself.  Just to see if I can get some use out of these bad boys.  Although, that will be difficult with the Becca and Electric palettes.

One thing you may or may not have noticed about all of my palettes, they are cruelty-free.  As you know, I am working towards becoming 100% vegan and 100% cruelty-free with my makeup.  So right now, eyeshadow palettes are a go!


I will say, if we are to talk about packaging alone, the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette ($65 US) is gorgeous, with an inside to match.  I have both the Desert Dusk and the Smokey Obsessions Palette ($27 US) and quality wise I find them wonderful.  Easy to blend, great pigmentation, beautiful array of colors.  Do I use them often?  No!  Why?  No idea!

I also own the Tarte Tartelette Toasted Palette ($46 US).  This palette I purely bought because it had fire on the packaging.  Myself being a fire sign (Sagittarius baby), I was sucked in.  The quality I would say is pretty good, the only one that gives me trouble is candle and crackle.  Candle is almost crumbly and every time I apply it to my eyes I get loads of fall out.  Crackle has glitter in it, so to make it somewhat usable, I need to tap off my brush to get the glitter to fall off.  Not too big of a deal, but I would have liked to have at least two deep, matte shades in the palette.  I can create a good amount of warm looks with this palette, but, yes there is a but, I am not a warm-toned fan.  Why the hell did I buy this palette?!  Lol.  Are we starting to see a theme?

Both the Becca and Urban Decay palettes were picked up around Christmas time.  The Urban Decay Electric Palette (Discontinued) was a gift for Christmas and the Becca Eye Lights Palette (LE) was half off on Ulta’s website, so I decided to give it a go.  I have yet to use either.  And we are at the end of April.  That’s right folks, I have swatched and that is as far as I have gone.  The Becca palette seems dry and scratchy, with lots of glitter particles that fly around when I just swatch them.  The payoff was nothing to write home about.  The Electric Palette seems super smooth, wonderfully pigmented, just stunning.  I do not wear bright shades.  Like, ever.  I am not a fan of bright shades.  I like dark shades, blacks, reds, greys.  Those are my jam.  So, this palette is just not up my alley.


Rounding out the last two are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette ($42 US) and BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette ($21.99 US).  Now, when the Subculture palette came out, good fucking lord the amount of drama that surrounded it.  How people were shredding the palette and the brand because of kick back and “unblendability.”  It was quite atrocious and childish, in my opinion.  Besides the Shade & Light palette, this is my second most used palette.  I love this palette and have very little issues with it.  And a quick tidbit of information on me, I am not a makeup artist and this palette works just fine for me.  Now, to each their own, if it didn’t work for you that is absolutely fine, however, I love it and thoroughly enjoy it and the amount of backlash this palette received was pure juvenile.  The BH Cosmetics Zodiac palette is quite lovely and the price cannot be beat!  The giant white shade in the middle is not the best, but all of the other shades are incredible!  I can’t believe how smooth and pigmented they are, yet I had no trouble blending them together.  I know one complaint was the colors didn’t match up to the sign, but they are beautiful shades and I can definitely deal!

Well, that is it for my palette collection.  Do we share any palettes?  What palettes are in your collection?  Do you go for more matte looks or shimmery?  Let me know!  I hope you found my collection somewhat interesting!  Thanks for stopping by and until next time!

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