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What’s the Plan, Stan? The Menu Plan!

Welcome to yet another Monday ladies and gentlemen!  How do we feel about it today?  I’m, eh.  Just eh.  I feel a little productive today, did some cleaning, caught up on laundry, dealt with a maintenance issue (toilet decided to flood water all over my floor yesterday) and now, here I am at my computer typing up a post.  I have truly been working on being consistent.  Not only with my health and fitness journey, but along with my posting.  My goal is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:00pm.  So far, so good.

Thinking about what I wanted to post for today, I noticed I haven’t posted any type of menu plan or meal plan, and even though I don’t follow one per say, I love having ideas for what to make for dinner.  Scouring through my pantry and fridge, I assessed what I have on hand and how I can use them for dinners.

In my pantry, I have TVP (textured vegetable protein), vital wheat gluten, flour, baking powder, nooch (nutritional yeast), tapioca starch, pasta, rice, sugar, cornstarch, chickpea flour, vegan mayo (I literally have 4 backups, I get them on sale and stock up), pasta sauce, tomato paste, diced tomatoes with chiles, refried beans with chiles, vegetable broth, canned chickpeas, canned cannellini beans, corn, peas, saurekraut, and pickles.

For vegetables, I’ve got mushrooms, onions, garlic, carrots, zucchini, potatoes, English cucumbers, poblano peppers, and about half of a green bell pepper.

In the fridge and freezer, I have got some silken tofu, extra firm tofu, guac, seitan (both beef flavored and chicken flavored), soyrizo, nacho cheese sauce (vegan), pizza dough, breakfast sausages, meatballs, hoagies, English muffins, corn, broccoli, peas, and peas and carrots.  I also have hoagies and pita bread sitting on top of my fridge that I need to use up before it gets moldy.

So overall, I have quite a bit of food, or at least the basics to make quite an array of dishes.  So, even though I am not really good at saying, this is what my menu is for Monday, Tuesday, yada yada yada, I have some ideas for meals that I thought I would share.

The extra firm tofu goes to my breakfast every morning.  I make scrambled tofu with a side of sausage and guac.  Pretty much does not change.  When I had a longer run than normal on Saturday, I did make a pancake for myself (damn was it good) and I think I will continue to do that for long runs just to get in a few more carbs.

With the silken tofu, I plan to make some vegan Mozz for pizzas as well as some sour cream for any Mexican food.  For the rest, I have got some yummy ideas.  Well, least I think so.  My favorite cuisine has to be Mexican food.  Again, grew up in San Antonio, so Mexican food is literally in my blood.  I’m still working on perfecting the vegan Carne Guisada recipe, so Carne Guisada tacos with cheese are DEFINITELY on that list, with homemade tortillas.  Fajitas are also on that list.  I need to use up those poblanos before they rot.  I would also like to try my hand at some enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce.


I also want to have some sandwiches and wraps in my back pocket, I do have those hoagies and pitas to use.  So, Gyros, Cheesesteaks, and Reubens are a must have!  Curry also sounds pretty good, mostly because, when does curry sound like a bad idea and two, it has been a little chilly still up here in Washington.  Lastly, PASTA.  Life is not complete without some pasta in it!  So, I was thinking of doing Hot For Food’s Vegan Carbonara with Zucchini Cream Sauce, some Spaghetti & Meatballs, and maybe some traditional spaghetti with garlic bread.

Hopefully, with the amount of ingredients I have on hand, I won’t have to spend too much on groceries this month.  I am out of almond milk, so that is a definite pick up at the grocery store, along with garlic and onions, running a bit low.  The only two other things I foresee is extra firm tofu and guac.  If you think of anything that I can make with the ingredients listed, let me know!  I love finding new recipes to try out!  Speaking of meals and recipes, what are some of the things you plan on making this month?  What are you craving?  Let me know!  It might give me some inspiration to whip up other dishes!  Well, thank you for stopping by and until next time!

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