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April 2018 Check-In

Well, March has not been a very productive month for my fitness journey.  Disappointed I feel is a little too cliche with any weight loss journey.  Or, the whole, this month I am going to do better.  Long story short, if you want change you need to work for it, not just wish for it.  So while there still is a loss, I’m down 3.4 lbs since last check-in, it is not the loss I was looking for, but it is the loss that I was working for.  Meaning, I didn’t do shit for March.  I pretty much quit working out.  I got really sick with strep throat and was battling that for two weeks, however, once I was recovered, I never went back.

2018-04-02 072180059807247437349..jpg

I will say, waking up hella early is starting to get to me.  I have never been a morning person.  Unfortunately, I have to be at work at 6:45 am, my gym doesn’t open until 5 am.  So, I have been trying to roll out of bed at 4 to 4:30 am and it is not working.  So, my goal is to go back to working out in the evenings.  When I did that, I didn’t feel as rushed and I could actually enjoy my workouts.  On days that I worked and went to the gym, I would try to be there a little before 5 to work out for at least 30 minutes, but feel super rushed because I needed to be home no later than 5:45 to make breakfast, freshen up, get ready for work, give the girls breakfast, hopefully, have time to put makeup on and be out the door by 6:30.  It just feels that I’m setting myself up to fail because I can’t dedicate the proper time and mental time to working out.  So, back to PM workouts, so we shall see how this works out.  We will know by May’s check-in, won’t we?

Overall, a loss is still a loss, and that is pushing me closer to Onerland.  I could have gained, but I didn’t.  So I need to remember that.  I can’t expect perfection out of myself.  I am a human being constantly learning and growing.  Well enough blabber, here are the measurements.

March 1, 2018 April 1, 2018 Difference
Weight 211.2 lbs 207.8 lbs ↓3.4 lbs
Neck 14 inches 14 inches N/C
Left Arm 16 1/2 inches 16 1/2 inches N/C
Right Arm 17 inches 17 inches N/C
Chest 40 inches 40 inches N/C
Waist 36 1/2 inches 37 inches 1/2 inch
Hips 46 1/4 inches 46 inches 1/4 inch
Left Thigh 27 1/2 inches 27 1/4 inches 1/4 inch
Right Thigh 27 1/2 inches 27 1/4 inches 14 inch
Left Calf 18 1/4 inches 18 14 inches N/C
Right Calf 18 1/4 inches 18 14 inches N/C

As you can see, not a huge amount of change.  Again, you get what you work for not just wish for.  Looking at my list of goals last month, I did not hit a single one of them.  I have decided this month I am going to write down my goals and tac them up on my vision board.  I look at that thing every day, so maybe also seeing my goals written down and hanging, it will help me stay focused.  With the last month’s goals not being completed, I am just pulling in those goals for this month.

1. Be able to run 30 minutes straight.
2. Lost 1 inch off of each arm.
3. Lose 8 pounds to get me into Onederland!

I have yet to figure out what reward I’d like to give myself once I hit Onederland, maybe if I think of what that will be, that would also help push and motivate me.  Hell, it’s worth a shot, eh?  I was thinking of getting a new tattoo.  That’s been something that I have wanted for a while, but have not been able to justify spending the money on.  So let’s make that my Onederland reward.  Once I hit Onederland and continue to lose by the neck check-in, I will get my other tattoo.  Alright, I’ve got a reward ready!  Plus, it’ll be right around the 40-pound loss mark so it can be a combination of two rewards.  I’ll go with it!  Well, I think that is enough talk for one day, if you have read this far, thanks!  If you are on a fitness/health journey and do check-in’s I’d love to know how your March went!  Did you have any setbacks or successes?  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks for stopping by and until next time!

2 thoughts on “April 2018 Check-In”

  1. Hey there! My march was a roller coaster. I ran a 10k that I had been training for, which was great, but then I fell off the wagon in regards to a structured training program. I got lazy and complacent, and blamed my expired gym membership and upcoming trip at March end for my issues.
    Now it’s mid-April and I finally feel like I’m making proper steps to being on again. Journaling and introspection help a lot with this.


    1. I so feel you on the roller coaster of exercising/healthy life!! Sometimes you fall off that wagon and just get stuck! I’m glad you found some steps to help you get back on track! Way to go!

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