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🍀 March 2018 Check-In ðŸ€

Oh March, how are ya?  I know most people say this, but seriously, where the hell is the year going?  On that note, however, in comes another check-in and if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I am DOWN 7.8 pounds!  If I am not mistaken, that is my greatest loss yet.  I am currently at 211.2 pounds, making it 31.4 pounds of total loss!  I am so close to Onederland that I can taste it!  Some days, it is hard for me to notice a difference in the mirror, mostly because I look at myself every day.  However, my clothes are fitting better and I have items that are big on me now!  Those pants in the picture down below, they use to be extremely tight on me, I thought for sure I was going to rip them at one point.  Now, they are slightly loose.  My favorite leather jacket was so tight on my arms, I could barely move them and when I took it off (which was a huge struggle mind you) there were red marks and indinations everywhere.  Now?  LOOSE!  I am feeling more confident in myself everyday.  I haven’t cared about what people thought about me for a long time, only the words in my head mattered.  Even though I still deal with severe depression and bad days, my confidence in myself keeps increasing.  I’ve always known I was a bad ass, but now I am actually starting to feel like one too.


Clearly, I think you guys can tell I’m out of my depressive funk and might I add, no longer sick.  But before getting into anything else, let’s go over some numbers shall we?

February 1, 2018 March 1, 2018 Difference
Weight 219.0 lbs 211.2 lbs ↓ 7.8 lbs
Neck 14 1⁄2 inches 14 inches ↓ 1/2 inch
Left Arm 17 1⁄4 inches 16 1/2 inches ↓ 3⁄4 inch
Right Arm 17 1⁄4 inches 17 inches ↓ 1⁄4 inch
Chest 40 3⁄4 inches 40 inches ↓ 3/4 inch
Waist 37 1⁄2 inches 36 1/2 inches ↓ 1 inch
Hips 46 1⁄2 inches 46 1/4 inches ↓ 1/4 inch
Left Thigh 28 1⁄4 inches 27 1/2 inches ↓ 3/4 inch
Right Thigh 28 1⁄4 inches 27 1/2 inches ↓ 3⁄4 inch
Left Calf 18 1⁄2 inches 18 1/4 inches ↓ 1/4 inch
Right Calf 18 1⁄2 inches 18 1/4 inches ↓ 1/4 inch

So, if my calculations are correct I am down 5 1/2 inches overall.  This has definitely been one of my best months, despite the setbacks and hurdles.  Looking over my goals for last month, I managed to hit 1 out of the 3 goals, which was to lose 8 pounds in February (hey, I know I’m .2 pounds off, but I’m giving myself this one).  1 out of 3 is not bad, with that being said, let’s go over my March goals, shall we?

1. Be able to run 30 minutes straight.
I have the half marathon coming up in June and I have yet to even complete the Couch 2 5K plan because I keep making excuses.  I am not going to be able to survive this half marathon if I don’t get my damn head in the game.

2. Lose 1 inch for each arm.
If you were to ask me what body part I hate, it’s my arms.  I have ALWAYS hated them.  They are extremely flabby and are huge bat wings.  I want to feel confident wearing tank tops because I love tank tops, but hate my arms.  I can’t lose anything from them unless I start strength training.

3. Lose 11.3 pounds to put my in ONDERLAND!
Now, I know this is a bit much, but I managed to hit my goal last month and I really want to try this month.  If I don’t hit it, I know I will come close and definitely hit it in April, but I would really love to prove to myself that I can, because I haven’t been in Onderland in about 8 years and I want to get there so bad.

Well, I think that does it for me.  If you stuck around this long and read to the end, I appreciate it.  Until next time!

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