Why Having a Gym Buddy Doesn’t Work For Me.

Gym Buddies can be an amazing asset when first starting to workout.  They can become a great source of motivation and support, especially if you deal with gym anxiety.  However, like it was for me at one point, it became a crutch and I was relying too heavily on my gym buddy.


When I first began Weight Watchers, I joined with my roommate.  We figured out the food part of the plan and when it came to the workout portion, we joined the same gym and went at the same time.  This is where the problem arises.  We would sometimes talk each other out of going, or if one of us was sick, the other wouldn’t go.  The only time we’d go to the gym is if we went together.  That is not healthy.

On the same aspect that you cannot rely on another person to bring you happiness, you cannot rely on a gym buddy.  My roommate and I did this battle for 6 months.  We both were able to lose a significant amount of weight, however, we never maintained going to the gym or keeping a workout regimen.  My gym anxiety remained and it did not help push me out of my comfort zone.

You need to learn how to workout by yourself and be comfortable working out by yourself.  You cannot rely on another person to go to the gym.  I will do a future post about dealing with gym anxiety, but for right now here is what I recommend.

If you are battling gym anxiety, I completely understand.  Some of the first things I decided to do was get some workout DVD’s or searched YouTube for some fitness videos.  On Amazon, I found Debbie Mack videos, they are designed for heavier set people and are low impact.  On YouTube I absolutely love Yoga with Adriene. her voice is incredibly soothing and before I know it I’ve done Yoga for half an hour.  Working out with DVD’s or videos is a great way to start working out by yourself, but still have a feeling like you are working out with a friend.

Another idea is scheduling a workout session with a gym buddy once a week, but no more than that.  If for some reason your gym buddy cannot make it, you need to hold yourself accountable and still workout.  Whether it be at the gym, at home, a run around the block, whatever, do not rely on another person in order to workout for yourself.

Ultimately you are in control of whether or not you hit the gym, do an at home workout, or let the actions or lack of actions of others control your session.  If you want health and fitness bad enough, you will keep that workout.  Is all of this easier said than done?  Fuck yeah it is, but you are worth it.  Don’t put your happiness and well being in someone else’s hands, take back the reigns of your life.

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