Goals & Motivation

Well Hello, Friday.

Today has been a very exhausting but productive day for me, more so than normal on my days off.  I deal with a chronic pain condition, which I am not sure I have discussed, but it takes quite a bit out of me, alongside working a physical and mental job.  Most days off are spent watching YouTube, movies, and relaxing.  This Friday however, I needed to get shit done.  It is barely 5:30pm my time and I am so exhausted, I am ready to head to bed.

I woke up at my normal 4:00am, took about 30 minutes to fully wake up, then started my day.  Walked the girls and got ready to head to the gym.  Spent about an hour there today, got in a great sweat, headed home to make breakfast, shower, then got ready for the day.   On my to-do list for the day, I needed to drop off some books to the library that were overdue, then proceeded to check out Trader Joe’s.  Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the Trader Joe’s I went to because they had minimal vegan products.  Products I was interested in trying that people have talked about were not at this Trader Joe’s.  I’m not mad, still picked up some great things, I went to a smaller and older Trader Joe’s, so I think that is the reason they did not have such a large selection.  Another Trader Joe’s that I will sometimes visit moved to a larger location, so next month I will try that location.

Speaking of things I picked up from Trader Joe’s, I finally found the Jackfruit everyone has been talking about!  I have seen pulled jackfruit recipes, nachos, and all sorts of yummy recipes with this stuff.  I used one can in my Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe today, and it tasted amazing!  The texture is totally there with the shredded chicken I would have in that!  Very excited to keep playing around with Jackfruit in the future.

The rest of my day has spent meal prepping and feeling quite drained.  Tonight I would like to finish my book, You’re a Bad Ass, then start another book.  I also want to do a bit more planning, jotting down ideas, things of that nature before I walk to girls and call it a night.  So far I made Jackfruit Tortilla Soup and Tempura Cauliflower and rice.  The tortilla soup was made in the crockpot, so it took a bit.  I have the Tempura Cauliflower with rice for dinner and it was soooo delicious!  A great way to have Chinese without the added crap.

Well, I think this is good for now.  Not too much to report.  I am continuing with my meal prepping tomorrow, once I am done with everything, I will share what I made along with pictures.

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