May 15, 2018

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Let’s start this post off positively, shall we?  I did do my DVD workout last night.  Yay!  There is going to be a lot of downhill motion from here, so be prepared.  Not terrible, but not what I have planned to say the least.  I did not go to the gym this morning.  Couldn’t be bothered to, if I am just being honest.  Trying to be a morning person truly does blow when you are a creature of the night.  Of course, I could go to the gym tonight, but I’m too exhausted and again, can’t truly be bothered to.

Being Tuesday, I headed to work.  Overall, good day.  I had a lot of sensitive kids (dogs, FYI) that takes me more time.  I am a dog groomer, just in case you are wondering.  I am really good at what I do, damn good actually.  I’m really proud of my handling skills though.  I work on a ton of very sensitive dogs that have been turned away by other groomers and even vets.  Dogs and I just understand each other, I just get them and 99% of the time, I can work on ANY kind of dog.  I have only had to send away a very small handful of dogs due to behavior issues in the 12 years I have been grooming.  That being said, it does take a toll on my physical and mental being.  It is physically and mentally exhausting.  On top of all that, we are down a groomer right now due to emergency surgery and the owner wanted to know if the other groomer and I can pick up the slack.

Here is going to be a bit of venting, if you don’t want to read this part, just skip to the next paragraph.  My job is difficult as is.  I am a hard worker, I have plenty of people that can testify to that.  I work to the best of my abilities and do additional work that is technically not apart of my job description, but we are apart of a team and need to work as one.  Because I don’t pump out 10 to 12 dogs a day, I’m constantly reminded of productivity.  It is immensely frustrating and aggravating.  Also, trying to explain to someone that has NO IDEA about my job and is then, therefore, dictating my job and what I need to be doing does not rub well with me.  It instantly creates tension and hostility.  I trust that everyone I work with knows there job, knows what they can handle, and takes it from there.  I do what I can with what I got and it is still not good enough.  Honestly, the amount of tongue biting I do on a DAILY basis is insane.  I’m amazed I have decked anyone yet.  I have definitely snapped at certain individuals that have mostly deserved it, however, I have kept it together fairly well considering my temper.  My dogs are not numbers.  They are living, breathing, feeling creatures who need time and patience and when someone is pushing down my throat “productivity,” and this more, more, more mentality, it definitely pisses a bitch off.

Anyway, besides that, it has been a fairly uneventful type of day.  My dogs were adorable at work today, got tons of kisses.  My own dogs were adorable when I got home.  I ate dinner and also snacked a shit ton.  Like, a shit ton, shit ton.  I ate an entire bag of the Harvest Snaps Pea Crisps* plus an additional serving, about half a cup of Mountain Dew, and an additional Larabar.  600 calories over my targeted daily goal.  But, I am trying to hold myself accountable here.  I’m just excited I didn’t order pizza.

Now before you think I am going to beat myself up over this, I’m not.  I already ate the food, nothing more I can do about that.  I am a work in progress, I know this.  Calories are just numbers and they don’t define who I am.  However, I can be disappointed.  Again due to mindless eating.  That’s where I am getting frustrated.  I do so well with my eating then BOOM!  I just start randomly snacking without paying attention to what I am doing.  This is going to be a constant struggle/battle.  I know.

On some other happy notes though, I watched Emily Noel’s latest video on new Milani products, Amber F’s latest video on her Pan That Palette Update, JKissa’s Random Color Challenge, Georgia Harris’ Makeup Declutter, and Amy Macedo’s Drugstore Glam.  Watching YouTube definitely helps me de-stress from my day.  I also forgot to mention I watched Taylor’s video yesterday.  Literally, I never miss an Emily or a Taylor video.  I just don’t.

Still keeping up with the Harry Potter game as well.  Just made it to Year 3, in the second chapter.  This game is addicting but also irritating.  Seriously.  If you play it, you get it.  Alas, I really want to finish the damn game, because I’m already fucking sucked in.

After I sign off, I am going to read 2 chapters in my book.  I mentioned yesterday that I am going to be reading Jen Sincero’s You Are a Badass* book again.  It has been a hot minute.  I was going to read some last night but ended up falling asleep.  I need to get in the habit of reading again.  It did so much for my mental health.  The books I enjoy reading are motivational “self-help” types of books and anything educational.  I love learning new things.  Any book recommendations, I’d love to hear about them!

A few other happy things.  I ordered a few pieces from Rogue & Wolf today.  Been a big fan of their jewelry.  They just dropped the SafeWord collection, so I picked up a couple of items.  Finally got an email confirmation from Wet N Wild that my package has been sent.  Ordered some things from them about 2 weeks ago, same time I ordered my NYX items but the NYX items are coming Thursday, so there’s that.  Lastly, one of my dearest and longest best friends is expecting.  I found out a little bit ago, but she just told me about the baby shower.  No dates have been picked out yet, but I have something to really look forward to in the fall, besides Halloween and pumpkins haha.  So that is something I am definitely saving for and wouldn’t miss it for the world.


So, this ended up being a shit ton of rambling.  If you have stayed this long you are the true MVP here and damn.  I fucking applaud you.  How did your Tuesday turn out?  If you had a shitty day, sorry dude.  I fucking feel you on that shit.  Here’s a fucking ADORABLE picture of my dog, sleeping in the middle of the bed, with her head on my pillows.  You are welcome.  I hope tomorrow is better for you and until next time.


May 14, 2018

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Today has been one of those days where mentally I’m off but have been somewhat productive.  My alarm went off originally around 4:15am to go to the gym, unfortunately, I did not go.  Depression is something I battle with often and have spoken about before on my blog.  After killing my alarm, I went back to sleep and woke around 7.  Living in Seattle this time a year, the sun doesn’t allow you to sleep in too much.  Trying to make the most out of a bad mental day, I immediately went to cleaning my bathroom countertop.  Yep, instead of walking my dogs, going to the bathroom, I had to clean my countertop.  Once completed, I then went to the bathroom, walked the girls, and went about my day.

One of my goals today was to do a little meal prepping.  With no ideas off the top of my head, I went to YouTube and was sucked into new videos.  From Madeleine Olivia, I got inspiration from 2 different videos and made a twisted rendition on her Mexican Style Rice and her Fried Rice.  I will say, before making the fried rice, I had a wild notion to recreate I recipe I had when I ate meat, which was a mock version of Panda Express’ Mushroom Chicken, just you know, without the chicken.  Lord, what a FAIL!  I didn’t have cornstarch so I used tapioca starch.  Terrible move!  It literally turned to tar.  Why I didn’t think to get a picture of it, no idea.  Just trust me on this, terrible, terrible idea.

So went on to make the fried rice, much better result.  After making the fried rice, I ended up watching Tati’s latest video and Emily’s latest vlog.  Throughout the day, I have also been playing the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game on Android.  Quick note, this game is fun but immensely, incredibly frustrating.  If you’ve played it or read reviews of it, you already know.  Then went back to cooking.  Finished making the Mexican Style Recipe and once that was all said and done, my kitchen was a disaster and currently is still recuperating.  Waiting for the dishwasher to load the rest.


Besides that, I’ll go into detail about my eating.  For the past couple of weeks, my eating has been shit.  For the most part of today, my eating has been stable.  My water intake is low, but that is nothing new, which explains my hunger cravings.

My biggest issue seems to be snacks or just snacking in general because I always feel like I am hungry.  Which then morphs into mindless eating.  Not good for a weight loss/fitness journey.  I know I am only human, but this is the constant battle I face, food addiction problems, excuses, and “here’s to a better tomorrow.”  That only works for a short amount of time until you actually make an effort to change.

Besides my shitty eating habits, I have not worked out in 2 weeks.  Granted, my knee has been giving me a shit ton of trouble and anytime I try running, I’m dealing with a lot of pain.  I haven’t gone to the doctor yet, because even with insurance I’m looking at spending $200 on just the initial visit.  That is not including medication or outside treatment.  So, unfortunately, thank you American Health Care, I cannot afford to see a doctor about it.  Doing low-impact exercises have been okay, squatting or bending of any sorts with my knee causes severe pain.  Tomorrow morning I am going to go to the gym and just walk on the treadmill.

All of that has also been flaring up my depression.  I am signed up to run the Seattle Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon in 4 weeks with my best friend who is flying up from Texas and I know I won’t be able to run it.  I know as long as I finish the 13.1 miles under 4 hours I can just walk it, so I will try to aim for that, but it definitely discourages me.  That was not my goal.

After I am done with this post, I will do my low-impact aerobics to get my workout in for the day, maybe that will boost my mood a bit.  This day has been a day, to see the least.  Throughout it all, movies have been playing in the background.  Meet the Robinsons, Untraceable, Mortal Kombat, and now Lord of the Rings.  When I am done with my exercises I shall walk my girls one last time, shower, and head for bed, but not before I read some.

I have gotten out of the habit of reading.  So for this week, maybe next week as well, my goal is to read and finish Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass*.  Maybe I’ll touch base on it whenever I finish it.  I have read it once and remember enjoying it, but it has been a minute.  Other news, I got shipment notifications on both my Wet N Wild order and my Vamp Fangs Official order, so hopefully, both of those will arrive in a week or so.  My NYX order should arrive Thursday, so maybe Friday’s post I can include pictures.

Well, with all my babbling I should probably stop.  I’d love to hear how your Monday went!  Or, what books are you currently reading and recommend?  Any fails or successes for the day?  Let me know in the comment section down below and until next time!

April Sephora VIB Sale: Haul

First off, let me preface this post by saying I should have also included that this is 99.8% a Kat Von D Beauty haul.  If you happened to read my Makeup Aesthetic Tag post, you will have already learned that I love Kat Von D, her makeup and aesthetic, and absolutely love her brand.  One thing I have been debating about for a while is doing a full face of Kat Von D Beauty.  Well, I do have quite of bit of her products, but needed a few others to round out the look.

Kat Von D’s most recent launch is something I have been looking forward too.  I’m always on the hunt for new brow products that can possibly surpass my Anastasia Beverly Hills products, both the Brow Wiz and Pomade.  With that launching 4/20, I decided, fuck it, and placed a full order on Sephora.


When typing up this post, there was another order I placed during the sale, but it hadn’t arrived in time to take pictures, so I will just mention and link the products first.

I picked up another Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick ($20 US) in the shade Flirt.  It is described as a “cheeky brown.”  I have been debating about this color for a while.  I have the shade Spice Girl, which is a brownish mauve, and truly enjoy the feeling of the lipstick on my lips.  The reason I have been debating about Flirt is because DupeThat listed Flirt as a dupe for Cryptic Cosmetics Creepshow ($17 US).  Creepshow has been out of stock for AGES.  Every time I have received a notification of it being back in stock, I’ve arrived too late.  Forewarning you, everything from here on out is nothing by Kat Von D Beauty.  You have been warned. lol

Next, I picked up a Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick ($20 US) in the shade Nahz Fur Atoo, a blood crimson shade.  I have had her liquid lipsticks in the past and have enjoyed them.  They are a little bit more drying than others, but not to where I feel uncomfortable in them.  They also don’t have the greatest staying power on my lips, even when I don’t eat or drink anything.  Again, I don’t mind this because they do layer well in my opinion.  For those wondering, I have had Bow ‘N Arrow and Witches in the past.

The last item I picked up on this separate order was the Kat Von D 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade ($19 US) in Scarlet.  I was debating on also picking up Graphite, but I have yet to use up my Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade ($18 US) in Granite.  Once I do that and if I enjoy the formula of Scarlet, I will order Graphite.  The reason I ordered Scarlet is because A) I love the color red.  I try and incorporate red into my wardrobe and look every single day.  B) I am thinking of dying my hair red again so I would like to be able to match my brows.  Even if I don’t end up dying my hair red again, I would definitely still incorporate red brows into my look.  Now, let’s get onto the items I have already received, shall we?


The first item I’ll talk about is the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation ($35 US).  I picked up the shade Light 42 Neutral.  I have had this foundation before, although it has been a while.  I used it up but never repurchased.  I will say, the shade I picked up is a little light for me, but I can still make it work.  The only gripe I have is it claims to be neutral but it runs extremely pink, least on me it does.  I tend to have a more neutral to slightly yellow undertone even though I am quite fair, so the foundation is a bit off on its own.  When I do a full face of Kat Von D Beauty, I’ll review everything more in-depth and show what I mean.  I do plan to pick up another shade, I think Light 45 Warm might be what I am looking for.

Well, since I picked up the foundation, I had to pick up the concealer.  Everything moving forward I have never used or tried before, so all of this will be new for me!  I grabbed the Lock-It Concealer Crème ($26 US) in L1 Neutral and shit.  This is light!  I had to double check to make sure I didn’t pick up the white concealer.  So, safe to say it will be extremely brightening on me.


Since I have a swatch of it next to the concealer, I will mention that I picked up a Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick ($19 US) in the shade Bow ‘N Arrow.  This was a recommendation by a few people in the Sephora community tab.  I have been on the hunt for a more brownie nude shade that didn’t run warm and quite a few people recommended the lipstick version of Bow ‘N Arrow, so why the hell not right?

Now onto all the eye products!  Like I mentioned earlier, in my other order I did decide to pick up her pomade, but on this order, I did pick up a Signature Brow Precision Pencil ($20 US) in the shade Graphite.  I did forget to take a picture of a swatch of this, however, I don’t think it would have shown up well because it was a bit light.  I will showcase it in the full face of Kat Von D Beauty though.

What I did swatch was all of the eyeshadows.  I grabbed the Shade & Light Eye Contour Quad ($15 US, being discontinued) in Smoke, another Metal Crush Eyeshadow ($13 US, discontinued) in Black No. 1, and the Lolita Eyeshadow ($19 US).  I forgot that I picked up another Metal Crush Eyeshadow.  I currently own Raw Power and Thunderstruck and absolutely LOVE THEM.  I’m so excited to play around with Black No. 1 and I hope she is just reformulating them so they are all vegan.  I truly hope she doesn’t get rid of them permanently.  I decided to pick up the Shade & Light Eye Contour Quad in Smoke because I have been debating on it for a while.  Then, once I realized it was being discontinued I was really edging towards picking it up.  Realizing it was still in stock during the sale was the final pushing factor.  The smoothness and quality just from the swatches remind me of the formula of the Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette, so hopefully, I won’t be disappointed.  I will say, Jen from Jen Loves Reviews did a video with Lindsay Schoolcraft  (😍 😍 😍 😍) of Cradle of Filth and she raved about the quads sooo that might also have swayed my overall reason to buy.


The last two items are the #70 Pomade Brow Brush ($18 US) and Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist ($26 US).  The brush I decided on because I have seen quite a few reviews of the brow products by Kat and the brush’s tip actually seemed thin.  Not disappointed on that, although I haven’t tried it yet.  The Makeup Setting Mist I have heard mixed reviews on.  I don’t think you can have enough setting sprays, so I went for it.  I haven’t used it on my face yet, but I did test out the mister and holy hell!  That mist is beautiful, extremely fine!  So, I’m excited to see how it works for the face.

Now I know I have done two hauls relatively close to each other, but I promise you there are probably not going to be a lot of hauls in the future.  I am extremely picky about what I purchase and most items that are released do not interest me.  They seem more suited for the Instagram and Beauty Guru scene and clearly, that is not me.  Everything I purchase has to fit within my aesthetic and needs to be practical for me and my look.  Before I went extremely ham on purchasing products because of packaging and hype.  I have for the most part gotten over that, and the overall need to constantly buy.  I am trying at least to be a little more practical in my spending.

Well, I hope you found this somewhat interesting.  If you decided to pick up a few items from the Sephora VIB Sale, I would love to hear what you got!  Also, if there are any items that I picked up that you have or have tried, let me know how it went for you in the comment section.  I think that does it for now, thanks for stopping by and until next time!

When I Grow Up.

There are times that I stop and think about my childhood dreams and aspirations.  Have you ever done that?  Reflect on all the things you said you were going to be and do when you grew up?  How many of you guys actually accomplished those goals or dreams?  I haven’t accomplished any of them.  Now, before you think this is going to be a downer type of post, it isn’t.  It’s a reflection on my fearlessness as a child and having the mentality that I could achieve anything, do anything, be anything.  Where did I, or we for that matter, lose that sense of purpose or even wonder of the world?  So, for today’s post, I thought it would be fun to go back down memory lane and discuss some of the things I wanted to achieve or do as a child.  Who I thought I was going to be when I became an “adult” then add a little twist to it.  Keep reading to understand what I mean.

First I will talk about things I wanted to be able to do.  I was a child who grew up in the 90’s and loved everything the 90’s had to offer.  I was (and still am) a tomboy.  Some people don’t like that word, I love it and fully embrace it.  Some of my favorite movies and shows involved some form of martial arts.  Hell, I even was enrolled in Karate for a bit.  I was all about the Power Rangers, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the 3 Ninjas.  See the trend?  The Red Ranger, Raphael, and Colt were the three I aspired to.  There also cues my obsession with the color red.  I remember playing pretend, doing wild moves that were definitely NOT martial arts, pretending to kick ass and take names.  Although I will say I definitely know how to kick some ass and take some names now, it is definitely not by means of being martial arts master.


Here is where the twist comes.  My goal is to sign up for martial arts classes, once I start getting closer to my overall health goal.  I am using it as a reward.  I don’t remember which post I mentioned this in, but I was having a hard time figuring out some rewards for achieving some of my goals.  I definitely don’t want them to be involved around food, but things that I have wanted to do, but felt it was more difficult being the size that I currently am.


Next is a dream I had.  I wanted to be a fighter pilot in the military.  I would watch old World War II movies with my dad, watching insane maneuvers by pilots and being incredibly fascinated.  When the Blue Angels had a performance, I remember reading all about it.  Unfortunately, I was told I could never be a fighter pilot because I was a female.  That completely devastated me as a child and stuck with me as an adult.  However, fuck that!  So what do you think the goal is?  Becoming a pilot!  This one will take me a bit, you need over 1000 pilot hours, simulation training, Lord have mercy there is a lot to do for this one, but time will pass regardless, right?  A little progress each day leads to big results.


The last one is probably the biggest one.  Since I was about 5 or 6, I fell in love with sharks.  Especially Great Whites.  I wanted to swim with them and save them.  This one has stuck with me the strongest and longest.  I have so many different books on sharks and can pull up random information about them at the drop of a hat.  Throughout my years of school, I remember doing various projects on sharks.  There were times we would have assignments where you discussed what you wanted to be when you grew up.  Mine was a Marine Biologist who specialized in Sharks, aka an Ichthyologist with a specialization in Sharks.  I have seen every episode of Shark Week, I even own it on DVD, and I have a giant Great White Shark tattooed on my calf.  I fucking LOVE sharks.  Sharks have always been a huge part of my life.  That is why I want to become a certified Scuba Diver, which is the first step of the overall goal to swim with sharks.  I want to travel to Australia in order to swim with the Whites off the coast.

These may seem crazy or weird even to some of you, but I’m sure everyone had crazy dreams when they were young.  We are not all destined to the same life path.  What were some of your childhood dreams or aspirations?  What did you want to do when you grew up?  At times I feel we are conditioned to just go through the motions of life, forgetting childhood dreams and just be content with where we are all at now.  As the saying goes, we were not put on this earth to pay bills and die.  And we sure as shit ain’t dead yet.  So why not reminisce for a bit and get some motivation to move forward?  I thought this might be fun and a little insightful, and definitely something different.  I hope this helped in some way.  Well, that does it for me.  Thanks for stopping by and until next time!

Current Quick & Easy Makeup Look

When I am heading to work or having to run some errands and decide to throw on some makeup, I want it to be quick.  I’m never late to work or appointments, but I am famous for waiting till the last minute to get ready.  Every time.  Don’t ask me why, I just do.  So, since that is always the case, I need a routine where I feel put together, still feel like me, but doesn’t take me 8 hours to do.  Here it is.

So, if you are curious to see how I get from this:


To this:


Then just keep on reading!


I love makeup.  It is such a therapeutic and artistic outlet for me.  The only problem??  I tend to do the same makeup day in and day out.  The only variation really is the lip.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll switch up the products, but the overall look tends to be the same.  It’s simple and quick.  Once complete, usually in about 15 to 20 minutes, I feel put together and ready to take on the day.  Or stare at myself in the mirror for 15 to 20 minutes admiring my handiwork. 😜

The most important thing is to start off with a clean and moisturized canvas.  After I have let my skincare sink into my skin, I start out with primer.  Honestly, the only reason I use primer is to use up my stash.  I have yet to find a primer that actually makes a significant difference.  Currently, I am using the Milani Prime Shield Mattifying + Pore-Minimizing Face Primer.  With my fingers, I dab a little bit on my cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin.  Basically, my T-Zone to help somewhat diminish pores and to possibly help keep me matte longer.

For foundation, I do a concoction of 2 pumps Fiona Stiles Matte Finish Foundation Concentrate in 01 Alabaster and 1 pump Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation in 1.5.  I mix them together, then with a damp beauty sponge blend it into my skin.  I am not fond of using a brush to blend in my foundation.  For me, I tend to always get streaks, then have to blend with a damp sponge anyway, so I just stick with a sponge.



For me, this mixture gives me a beautiful, medium coverage with a long-lasting natural finish.  It never feels heavy or gets cakey throughout the day.  Next, on to concealer and setting the face.  Currently, I am trying to use up the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in Fair and the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder in 05 Fair.  They both work wonderfully, unfortunately, they are not cruelty-free.


With the concealer, I put a little under my eyes, on the sides of my nose where redness tends to peak through, and on my lids as an eyeshadow base.  Then blend it in with the same damp sponge that I used to blend in my foundation.


After I have blended that in, I will lightly bake under my eyes, my eye lids and my T-zone for about a minute with the Fit Me powder, then gently dust away the excess.  I will also lightly set the rest of my face with a large, fluffy powder brush, mostly to help keep me matte and set the foundation so it is not longer sticky.

Next is bronzer, contour, and HIGHLIGHT.  Seriously, who doesn’t love a good highlight?  For bronzer, I really love the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer in Bronzer, however, I have yet to find a person who doesn’t love that.  It is easy to build and blend, and thank you JESUS doesn’t look orange on my pasty ass.  With a medium sized fluffy brush, I dust it along the hollows of my cheeks, at my temples and a little on my jawline.  For contour, I use the Catrice Prime & Fine Professional Contouring Palette in 010 Ashy Radiance and go in the same areas, just with a slightly smaller brush.  This is such a phenomenal contour shade for me, as you can probably see from the pan showing through the lid.


Onto the highlight, one of my favorite parts (honestly, I pretty sure it is a favorite part for many).  With highlight, I usually go for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Starlight Illuminator, which they discontinued (fucking pissed about that).  However, I recently hauled some products from Black Moon Cosmetics that I am testing out in order to give a full review on in the future (click here if you’d like to check out that post).  For today’s look, I decided to go with the Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighter in Centipede.  With a highlight brush, I dust it on the high points of my cheekbones, lightly on the tip of my nose, and just graze my upper lip.


For eyeshadow, I keep it immensely simple.  You know the trick where you take your bronzer or contour shade and work it into your crease with a fluffy brush?  Yeah, that is what I do.  I stick with my contour shade because I tend to enjoy cooler tones on my eyes.  It looks simple yet put together.


On to the rest of my eyes and face.  As you most likely saw from the previous photo, I shave off the end part of my eyebrows.  Unfortunately, my eyebrows tend to give me quite a bit of trouble.  I have had them shaped and filled professionally quite a few times, but they never seem to fit.  My eyebrows naturally are a bit sparse and when I let them grow out, they still never seem to work well with my face.  So, I said fuck it and shaved most of them off.  Honestly, best decision yet!  It is so much easier and quicker for me to do my brows now!  For brows, on my quick days, I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Granite.  If I have a little extra time, I will use the Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade in Granite.  To set the brows, I just brush through with a little clear brow gel.  Right now I am trying to use up my NYX Control Freak Brow Gel.


Before I throw on my mascara, I do like to set my face.  I don’t really have a ride or die setting spray, as long as it melds my powders into my skin we are good.  Currently, it is the Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, although not for long!  Empties spoiler: I have maybe one or two uses left and it will be in the empties bin!  For mascara, it is 99% always waterproof.  Being a dog groomer, with water splashing, hair flying, heat melting you away, the mascara really needs to last, mostly so I don’t end up looking like a raccoon by the end of the day.  The L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara in Blackest Black is such an amazing mascara for me, unfortunately, not cruelty-free.  Sad panda.  I have three additional tubes as back ups, so once those are all used up, it will be back to the Essence I Love Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara, which is half the cost as the L’Oreal one and just as good, just dries out quicker.  Don’t I look so enthused in this picture below?  Lord.  Smile Leah! lol  Also, look at how brows just balances my face!


Lastly, to finish off this face, I put on a lip color.  I do not have a preference, whatever color tickles my fancy that day is what I will slap on.  This day I went with Black Moon Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in the shade Grave.  Still testing out this line, as mentioned earlier, so I want to give these products as much play time as possible.


And here is the finished look!



For me, start to finish, it takes me roughly 15 minutes to slap this all together.  If I’m not hella tired, or getting side tracked a million times.  Well, this turned out to be quite a long post.  Let me know if you liked this kind of post, or if you found it somewhat helpful.  I always enjoy reading or watching people do their almost everyday type of makeup.  Let me know what you thought in the comments down below!  What type of products do you use for your everyday look?  Or, do you even wear makeup?  Let me know!  Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time!

Oh!  For any Potterheads playing the game, I’m in Year 2, where are you at?  Let me know!  Okay, bye for now!

May 2018 Check-In

FOREWARNING: Lot’s of swearing in this post.

Well, another month has gone and here we are in May.  Not, it’s gonna be May, no, just May.  Any fellow NSYNC fans here?  Quick FYI, Lance Bass’ birthday is this Friday.  Yeah, I still remember his birthday, May the 4th be with you!  And there goes my rocker goth card, haha. 😜🤣  Anyway, that’s not why we are here.  It is time for the May Check-in.  To be honest, one of the worst months yet for me, HOWEVER, a loss is still a loss.  Reiterating that to myself here, a loss is still a loss.  Am I a bit disappointed?  Well yeah.  A couple of days ago I was really getting down about it, time of the month, but now back to normal spirits.


In March I wasn’t really working out, so with all the laziness in March rolling into working out regularly in April, I figured the scale might not tell too much of a difference considering I’m building up muscle again.  I will say I feel like I am never going to be under 200 pounds though, so that is a little discouraging for me.  I feel like I’ve hit somewhat of a plateau, but I have no one to blame but myself.  I haven’t been sticking to my healthy eating.  I lost count how many times I ordered Papa John’s and Domino’s.  Seriously.  I’m not joking on that part.  I know you are not supposed to beat yourself up over slip-ups or treats, but when you order pizza about every 3 to 4 days, you have a problem.

You know, I have seen an image floating around Pinterest and Instagram that says something along the lines of, “Being healthy is hard.  Being overweight is hard.  Choose your hard.”  I’m trying to remember that.  Because it is true.  Trying to eat well, exercise, it’s not fucking easy.  Especially when you let your mind talk you into things, you know what I mean?  “Oh, I’ll start fresh on Monday, so I can enjoy one more pizza and cookie tonight,”  to that being the excuse multiple times a week.  I basically am saying I have no self-discipline.  None, whatsoever.  I make excuses and the results show.  My logical side, the one that is typing this is clearly seeing that I don’t want to be healthy.  That if I truly cared I would get my fucking shit together.  The other logical side is saying to quit being so hard on myself.  I’m human.  Oh well, such is the never ending merry go round with mind fuckary.  On to the numbers!

April 1, 2018 May 1, 2018 Difference
Weight 207.8 lbs  205.4 lbs ↓ 2.4 lbs
Neck 14 inches  14 inches No Change
Left Arm 16 1/2 inches  16 inches ↓  1/2 inch
Right Arm 17 inches  16 3/4 inches ↓  1/4 inch
Chest 40 inches  40 inches No Change
Waist 37 inches  36 1/2 inches 1/2 inch
Hips 46 inches  45 inches ↓  1 inch
Left Thigh 27 1/4 inches 27 inches ↓  1/4 inch
Right Thigh 27 1/4 inches  27 inches ↓  1/4 inch
Left Calf 18 1/4 inches  18 inches 1/4 inch
Right Calf 18 1/4 inches 18 inches 1/4 inch

So, as you can see, this is where I am at.  One more time for my negative mindset in the back, a loss is still a loss!  This puts me at a total of 37.2 lbs down from the start of my journey.

This month, I am going to switch it up a bit.  I have no goals for this month.  NoneNada.  Zip.  Zilch.  Why?  Well, I have not hit a single fucking goal in months.  Clearly, setting goals means jack shit to me and when I don’t hit a goal, I feel like utter shit.  Like, an absolute failure, like I want to beat the shit out of myself and quit.  Yes, it triggers severe anger and I don’t need that!  I don’t need to make it that deep!!  Progress is progress dammit!  Anyone that’s on a fitness/health journey feel me on that??

Well, I think that does it for me.  Lillith says hello, btw.  She’s nudging me while typing.  Oh!  Anyone else a huge Potterhead?!  I’ve become massively addicted to playing the new Harry Potter game, Hogwarts Mystery.  Oh my God, I’m playing it right now, well, waiting for my energy to restore to play.  Well, I would love to hear about any successes or setbacks you have had this past month.  Leave them in the comments!  Thanks for stopping by and until next time!